“The Maserati 3015 – Complete History” is telling the most unusual story of a Grand Prix car from 1933 to the present day, enriched by never seen period photos.
The author executed a painstaking research into the political and economic circumstances unveiling the fate of this very car from the day of delivery, its races, its drivers and its owners into the postwar era of the fifties when the proud Italian was still victorious in the communist Hungary.
A period when most of the mighty thirties rivals were either scraped or hidden at remote places or in museums.

The Maserati 3015


This is the exceptional history of the Maserati race car with chassis number 3015 which was raced at many international race tracks by different privateer teams in the 1930s. Later sold to a Hungarian Count and survived undamaged the World War II as well as the Communist Era behind the iron curtain.
Under governmental control in the 1950s he rises up to the most successful race car in Hungary, spared from a planed modification to a two-seater sports car, and then to be stored for years in a weekend house. After a unsuccessful reactivation the Maserati 3015 is placed in a parlor for his owners personal display.
All the stories and anecdotes of his drivers, dazzling owners and teams, the great victories and the defeats have inspired the author to write this book about the very Maserati in correct historic settings.

Ecurie Braillard,
Date of Delivery May 10, 1934
Internal Name: La Paloma 2

The later Owners
August 1935 — 3015 sold to Robert Brunet

February 1937 — 3015 sold to Count Maria Joseph Ernst (Ernö) Festetics de Tolna

1938/1939 — 3015 sold to Sandor Wilheim

1949 — Confiscated by the Hungarian State, integrated into Racing Department “AFIT 4”, Driver Tibor Széles

1960/1961 — 3015 sold to Lajos Szöcs

1974 — 3015 sold to Janos Lippai, partially dismantled

1983 — 3015 sold to Jenö Varga, Restoration, rebuilt to Standard supercharger, Removal of Head Rest

January 2007 — 3015 sold to Kurt Hasler, Total Restoration to original 1937 configuration

At present the Maserati 3015 has been fully restored, revealing his period Hungarian racing colors. The present owner does not hesitate to race the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring at speed, the famous track where 1937 Ernö Festetics achieved his best international success.

Who is the Author?

From his early days Bernhard Brägger has been involved with historic motorsport. He was an active rally driver, sports commissioner for the Automobile Club of Switzerland and general organizer of the Klausen Hillclimb Memorials as well as other historic car meetings. He is well known as author of fascinating books like “Kompressoren am Berg”, “Mythos Klausen” or “Die Geschichte der Rallye Monte Carlo”. His involvement with automobile history and especially the pre war era initiated this book, written in his incomparable words.

Insights into the book


Swiss Ecurie Braillard and its drivers


Count Ernö Festetics at the wheel of the Maserati 3015


The most successful race car in Hungary 1955 to 1958


Maserati 3015 - the first victory


21. August 2011. Hillclimb Altbüron (CH).


Abstract of racing results


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